Brighouse Bay Holiday Park

SW Scotland

Spacious with a Country Park feel

Brighouse Bay Holiday Park

South West of Scotland

Spacious with a country park feel

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Lodges FAQ's

Lodges FAQ’s

In case you are wondering… about our Lodges

Q. How much do your holiday Lodges cost?
A. Our prices range from approx £45,000 up to £100,000+ depending on the age, size and position. We can also obtain a new lodge for you. We have details from leading manufacturers. Please ask Reception for information.

Q. Do you have an age limit for lodges on the park?
A. We put an end date on our Licence agreements of 30 years from the date of manufacture of a lodge. You are not permitted to sell the lodge on the park when it reaches 30 years old.

Q. How much are your Site fees?
A. The cost of Site fees depends on whether you wish to have a 7 month or a 12 month season and where the lodge is located on the park. We will be pleased to furnish you with all the details.

Q. What do the Site fees cover?
A. Site fees cover the yearly pitch occupancy fee, Park maintenance including roads, landscaping, grass cutting, lighting, refuse collecting etc.

Q. Are there any other costs?
A. There are additional fees for rates and effluent waste. Gas and electricity are metered and billed separately from the Site fees.
From the age of 13 years from manufacture, there is a charge per annum on all holiday homes towards the cost of Environmental Disposal.

Q. Are all the facilities available all year round?
A. Some of the outdoor activities at Brighouse Bay are seasonal, the Leisure Club operates on restricted hours during the winter months of November to Easter, when it is open Thursday to Sunday. It is closed for the month of January for essential maintenance.

Q. Can I live in my holiday home?
A. No. Our parks are licensed for holiday home use only, and we require all holiday home owners to maintain a permanent residential address elsewhere.
Your holiday home is designed to be your perfect retreat, not as a permanent residence.

Q. Can I help cover the running costs by sub-letting my holiday home?
A. No. We do not allow commercial sub-letting of holiday homes, although family and friends are welcome to stay in your holiday home with your consent. We ask that they come and sign our Visitors book at Reception on every visit.

Many of our owners choose our parks for the peace, quiet and continuity afforded by owning their own holiday home. Allowing owners to let their holiday homes would change the dynamic considerably with different families arriving and departing regularly, and be detrimental to the relaxed atmosphere our owners enjoy.

Q. Can we insure our holiday home through you?
A. Yes. We would be pleased to obtain a favourable quote for you, and can organise the insurance. Please speak to us about the various options available.

Q. Can I sell my holiday home?
A. Yes, but first you must inform us you are wishing to sell on the park. We (the business) have first refusal as it’s occurring on the park. If the business doesn’t wish to purchase your holiday home it can be advertised. All holiday home sales must be carried out through our office. We are happy to help facilitate the sale of your lodge. Please contact reception who will forward your details onto one of our colleagues who will guide you through the process. Please note: There is a transfer fee plus VAT charged on the selling price which is standard throughout the industry.


For all enquiries, please contact us