Brighouse Bay Holiday Park

SW Scotland

Spacious with a Country Park feel

Brighouse Bay Holiday Park

South West of Scotland

Spacious with a country park feel

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Holiday Homes for Sale

Holiday Homes For Sale

Every holiday starts with a journey, and so it is with buying a holiday home.

The Destination –  Choosing the best Park for you is really important. We have four Parks – Brighouse Bay, Seaward, Barlochan and Sandyhills Bay, all of which have different qualities, be it larger with Leisure facilities and Entertainment, or smaller, quieter, more in the country or by the sea.

The Budget –  As with any holiday, the Budget is something we all need to think about these days, and we have holiday homes to suit all pockets. Whether you are hoping to spend just a few thousand pounds for a pre-owned starter holiday home or splashing out to buy a brand new dream holiday home from home, we have lots to offer.

The Packing –  We need to include just the right things that will make your holiday home perfect for your needs.  Is this holiday home mainly for you and your partner, or are you looking for something with 3 bedrooms for when the children and grandchildren come to stay?  Do you prefer modern open plan designs or a more traditional layout?

The Journey –  It starts with you giving us a call to talk about your options and then coming to meet us and seeing what we have to offer. The destination is simple – you reaching your perfect holiday home that you can enjoy for years to come.

Feel free to give us a call on 01557 870267 or send an email –

We would love to share your journey, and look forward to hearing from you soon.


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