Brighouse Bay Holiday Park

SW Scotland

Spacious with a Country Park feel

Brighouse Bay Holiday Park

South West of Scotland

Spacious with a country park feel

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Activity Ticket

When visiting Brighouse Bay Holiday Park, our Activity Ticket is a must buy!  Saving you upto 65% off your activities, it really does add up to make a big difference.  Combined with the various free activities we have on site, the Activity Ticket can save you a pretty penny!

How much does it cost?

The Activity Ticket is £18. For this you get a card with ten spots to be stamped, Each stamp represents a activity from the last of included activities and can be used by ANY member of the family. It’s value, depending on what activities you choose, can be up to £50.

What can the Activity Ticket be used for?

The activities valid for the Activity Ticket are swimming, 10 pin bowling and family putting green. Basically all our payable activities except pony trekking and golf.

Who can use it?

Unlike many other ‘passes’ the ticket can be used by any member of the family; adults and children. You don’t need a card each, just buy one and share it amongst the family and if you need another, no problem, just buy another one at reception.

How does it work?

Each Activity Ticket has ten spots to be stamped. The ticket is stamped once for each time a person uses a valid activity.

So if all the family; four people, choose to swim, that’s four stamps off your card, same again when you all mini 10 pin bowling. If the kids go back for another swim, that’s your last two stamps. If you didn’t have the Activity Ticket, it would have cost £34, not the £18 paid.

Best of all, if you’ve used up your Activity Ticket, you can simply go back to reception and buy another one.

You can book your Activity Ticket online when booking your stay with us. For any more information or assistance please call us on 01557 870 267

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